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Image 54

"Image 54" is the name I will be using for my mission work. As a photographer I work with a missionary I try and portray His Image. The 54 is from Isaiah 54...go check it out. I'm also thinking about using "i 54". The "i" could stand for image, Isaiah or international. What do ya think?

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Sometimes that's all I know to say!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Was I Doing In Haiti?

Besides loving on babies and young people! My main goal last week was to help get a Christian Radio Station on the air. So what did that mean for me? Lots and Lots of soldering.
We arrived in Haiti to a beautiful building that needed electricity and all the equipment installed and wired. The first part of the week Melody and I assembled 1000 fixed tuned, solar powered radios. We soldered by portable generators the first few days...hey Melody watch out, those irons get hot ;) . With our brilliant engineer Paul and the full time missioners at Love A Child, by the end of the week we had power and air conditioning (i love ac) an antenna installed on top of the water tower and cables run from the transmitter to the station! I need to mention again how smart Paul he's smart! Gods hand was definitely with us during the installation...there was a number of things that would have been a trial in the states, but for it all to work out in a third world country with no local Radio Shack or Best Buy was nothing short of a miracle!
Today I received an e-mail saying that revival has broke out in Haiti!!!!! So yes, soldering cables is definitely Kingdom Work!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Le Tant, Haiti

I've thought a lot about how to describe my incredible journey. Guess what...I still can't! The best I can come up with is this...
Haiti is a land of great beauty and suffering, and it will forever have a place in my heart!